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Stewardship and the Essence of Toshiba

The Essence of Toshiba is a statement of our unwavering credo as an organisation. It has three components: Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, Our Purpose, and Our Values. 

Stewardship and the Essence of Toshiba

"Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group"

Our enduring credo: 

What we believe and promise to deliver. 

"Our Purpose" 

Our reason for being: 

Inspired by the credo, the difference we make for customers and society. 

"Our Values" 

Our shared beliefs: 

A guide to action and the thorough implementation of Our Purpose 

Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group 

Committed to People,
Committed to the Future. 
At Toshiba, we commit to raising the quality of life for people around
the world, ensuring progress that is in harmony with our planet. 

Our Purpose 

We are Toshiba. We have an unwavering drive
to make and do things that lead too a better world. 

A planet that's safer and cleaner.
A society that's both sustainable and dynamic.
A life as comfortable as it is exciting. 

That's the future we believe in.
We see its possibilities, and work
every day to deliver answers that
will bring on a brilliant new day. 

By combining the power of invention
with our expertise and desire for better world,
we imagine things that have never been -
and make them a reality. 

That is our potential. Working together,
we inspire belief in each other and
our customers that no challenge is too great,
and there's no promise we can't fulfil.

We turn on the promise of a new day.


Our Values 

Do the right thing   We act with integrity, honesty and openness, doing what's right—not what's easy.  
Look for a better way We continually strive to find new and better ways, embracing change as a means for progress. 
Always consider the impact  We think about how what we do will change the world for the better, both today and for generations to come. 
Create together  We collaborate with each other and our customers, so that we can grow together. 
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