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Why take part in a carbon offsetting programme?

Toshiba has a long history of innovation including environmental awareness with all of its products. During design and manufacturing Toshiba makes every effort to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. However there are always some unavoidable carbon emissions from the manufacture and operation of its products. The Carbon Zero scheme seeks to minimise the lasting impact of the products as well as to improve native habitats and restore regional environments to their natural state.

How do you calculate the offsetting of a Toshiba product? And what is included in the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme?

The lifecycle analysis of the product begins by assessing all of the materials used to manufacture our products. Throughout the design, production and distribution of the printing device, the Greenhouse Gas assessment is applied to determine a carbon footprint for each product. In addition we take into account the carbon implications of the consumables, such as toner, as well as the energy requirements for servicing and operation of the printing device throughout its lifecycle. All the factors combine to give us a Carbon Footprint value expressed in Tonnes which is variable by product. To ensure we cover all eventualities we add a small buffer figure to the total.

How can I see if my Toshiba MFP has been offset?

All Toshiba print devices that have been carbon offset are supplied with a sticker with the Carbon Zero logo on installation. Check with your Toshiba Representative if you would like to opt into the program.

Why is it important to offset carbon?

Carbon offsetting is part of an effective environmental plan. It is important wherever possible to reduce consumption of materials and energy as a priority. This not only helps in the fight against global warming but makes best use of resources and keeps costs down. Carbon offsetting can help further by reducing the release of Green House Gas such as Carbon Dioxide to the same value or greater than associated with the product that is being offset. At the same time however Carbon offsetting can assist developing communities by providing low carbon technology and much needed assistance with basic energy requirements.

How can I offset my printer and take part in the Carbon Zero programme?

Please contact your local Toshiba representative.

I bought my Toshiba MFP before the introduction of Carbon Zero in my region. Is there a way I can offset it?

Yes, please contact your local Toshiba representative, (there may be a small charge for this service).

Can I choose which project I want to support?

Toshiba and Greenfleet have selected a number of specific projects to support under the Carbon Zero Scheme. It is not possible to choose alternative projects to support within the Carbon Zero Scheme. However if you would like to discuss the possibility of offsetting your own business emissions through native revegetation, you can contact Greenfleet directly here.

Can I choose to support projects other than the ones shown?

It is not possible to choose alternative projects to support within the Carbon Zero Scheme. However if you would like to discuss the possibility to measure the Carbon impact of your own business, product or service for the purpose of offsetting please contact Greenfleet directly.

What is life cycle assessment (LCA)?

Life cycle assessment (LCA) analyses and assesses products and services through their life cycle stages from the extraction of resources to manufacturing/assembly, distribution, use, and discarding/recycling according to a method that anticipates environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts. In some case, a best estimate may be used where exact science and actual data is unavailable.

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