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toshiba sustainability community

Committed to a better world

With so many worthy causes to support, it is often difficult to select just a few.

We chose to donate to a range of local charities, relating specifically to children’s health, medical research and programs for disadvantaged people, as well as mental health and well-being.

Other notable charities that Toshiba supports and/or sponsors either directly or indirectly through our partner's include:


Variety the Children's Charity 

Variety supports children and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with a disability. Their work allows children to gain mobility and freedom to live as freely as any young, independent child. 

During the annual B to B Bash teams navigate some of our nation's most remote areas. The Bash allows participants to integrate with the local communities, by way of community events, school visits and awards presentations. 

As one of the longest supporting participants, Team Toshiba has raised over $2 million for Variety since 1991.

Toshiba and Variety - a passion for giving back


Toshiba's long-term partnership and friendship with the Newcastle Knights 

Since the late 1980's the local Newcastle rugby league team, the Newcastle Knights have had a deep connection with their local community. Their commitment and connection with the local and surrounding communities of Newcastle and the Hunter regions has brought them legions of generational fans. 

"It's all about community and connection, we need good people and companies (like Toshiba) back us to help us reach our goal" - Mark Hughes. 

From partnership to friendship - the Newcastle Knights & Toshiba

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

Margaret J. Wheatley - American writer and management consultant

Toshiba's Smart Eco City

As global urbanisation and digitisation continues to rise, the world is turning to smart energy management to meet rising energy demands. 

The Lyon-Confluence Urban Development is a pioneering example of how we can use next-generation batteries and create a sustainable smart city of the future.

As Toshiba leads the way in safe, fast-charging Lithium Ion battery technology for urban transport, Toshiba technology is powering e-buses around this Smart City, in the south of France.

Our commitment together

In challenging times, we remain true to our mantra “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.”

This video shows some of Toshiba's contributions to the quest carbon neutrality and the realisation of resilient infrastructure. 

Working together with innovative solutions we can achieve ambitious goals. This is part of the Toshiba community-based ethos and mindset.


Further Info

Find out more about Toshiba and Sustainability please leave your details here and we’ll contact you.

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