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Sustainability and toshiba customers

Commitments we make together

We see our end-user customers and dealer partners as an extension of our family. In many regional parts of the country, our dealer partners are truly an extension of our team.

To us, our customers are our partners. Therefore, we always endeavour to understand the needs from their perspective with the objective of delivering optimal products and services.

We follow sound and fair business practices in all our dealings and always deliver superior products and services to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.


E-Waste - recycling for our customers

Through our E-waste partnership with ANZRP we have achieved the following:

  • Avoided 899T of carbon emissions which is equivalent to planting 5,987 trees
  • Saved 13,771GJ of power which is enough to power 663 households for a year
  • Saved 7,359,568L of water which is equivalent to 34 households annual water usage.
  • Have prevented 739KG of particulates (atmospheric aerosol particles) entering the atmosphere. The same as a truck driving from Perth to Sydney and back 118 times

(source ANZRP FY18 report)

Every 1 km of road paved with TonerPlas-modified asphalt uses waste toner from approximately 12,500 printer cartridges and 530,000 plastic shopping bag equivalents.

Close the Loop

About PrintReleaf

PrintReleaf is a reforestation initiative which allows businesses to offset their print and copy volumes. This is achieved by way of a simple; "You Print one. We'll Plant One" model.

Toshiba customers are able to receive a detailed summary of their paper consumption. They will receive certification of the number of trees planted in reforestation projects of their choosing. PrintReleaf also provide an up to date report and life-time certificate on their growing reforestation impact. 

Visit the numerous PrintReleaf locations across the globe.

Toshiba printreleaf program

The World's First Platform for Automated Global Reforestation

PrintReleaf utilises a global software platform to accurately measure a customer’s print consumption over time and make it actionable. The network of PrintReleaf Certified™ Global Reforestation Projects enables seamless integration and limitless scalability.


Contact us for more info on PrintReleaf.

Eco Print 

The world's first MFP to incorporate a unique erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and re-used multiple times. Reducing paper consumption not only means lower cost but a smaller, more eco-friendly carbon footprint. 

Toshiba's eco MFP has won numerous awards including: 

Closing the Loop

Toshiba partners with "Close the Loop" (CTL) for customer end-of-life toner cartridge recycling. Close the Loop makes the most of your valuable resources, transforming items that would normally end up in landfills and oceans into useful commodities.

TonerPlas™ is Close the Loop’s award-winning asphalt additive. This ground-breaking additive is a key ingredient to making high performance asphalt roads. The additive is made from recovered waste printer toner (a high grade polymer) and post-consumer soft plastics. 

TonerPave™ is new asphalt with high-recycled content and reduced carbon footprint.


Further Info

Find out more about Toshiba and Sustainability please leave your details here and we’ll contact you.

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