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Toshiba SDGs

Working at Toshiba

At Toshiba, we view people as one of our most valuable assets, it's quite likely what makes them stay with us as long as they do. 

Just like our sustainability journey, we think it's important to start from the inside out – employees first. Therefore, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for employees is paramount at Toshiba.

Like flexible work conditions, that promote a healthy work-life balance. It’s often the little things that make a big difference. Such as celebrating a birthday by having the day off. Or a smart workplace, with spacious well-ventilated open plan offices, ergonomic chairs in a comfortable temperature controlled environment designed to save power.

Local R&D supporting local talent

Our global Research & Development (R&D) Team located in Sydney, who are recent winners of a Toshiba TEC Excellent Invention Award, employ some of the smartest undergraduate students each year during the University summer holidays or industrial experience term.

Since 2002, 40 students have capped off their stellar education with a stint in Toshiba’s Undergraduate Program.

Since 2002, 40 students have capped off their stellar education with a stint in Toshiba’s undergraduate “Christmas beetle” program.

Martin Corr, Toshiba R&D Manager

Toshiba people at work

Our People and Culture committee (CUBE) actively communicates and engages with staff to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Corporate massages, flu vaccinations, gym facilities and lunchtime sporting competitions help improve employee physical well-being. As an initiative of the CUBE committee, fruit bowls are even provided to staff to encourage healthy eating.

Diversity Council of Australia

To demonstrate our organisation’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace, Toshiba Australia is thrilled to announce membership of the Diversity Council Australia.

About DCA

DCA is Australia’s only independent, not-for-profit peak body for workplace diversity and inclusion. They provide their members, and all member staff, with free access to a unique knowledge bank of research, best practice and expertise across all the diversity dimensions.

These include gender, culture and religion, generational and mature age, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQ+, disability and accessibility, flexibility and work-life, as well as mental health.

Toshiba RAP


At Toshiba, we are proud to build more significant opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our team has been worked hard with Reconciliation Australia to develop what I believe is an exciting time for all of our country.

We are committed to increase staff understanding of and respect for the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Reconciliation is an integral part of the culture and goals of our business.

Our overarching goal is for our staff and customers to work together to improve the economic, health and social opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities.

We are working with our staff to create a culturally respectful workforce. This Reconciliation Action Plan sets out the next steps in our journey to build opportunities for, and stronger relationships with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Bret Davies, General Manager, Toshiba EID

Download the Toshiba Reconciliation Action Plan

Toshiba & people around the globe

Although goals apply equally to all nations, we include local activities to improve the health and well-being of Toshiba staff in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


Toshiba does not condone child labour, forced labour, bullying, sexual or power harassment and discrimination based on age, sex, religion. We do not engage with any anti-social groups and provide a safe and comfortable working environment including work-life balance.

Toshiba Global Policy  Toshiba ANZ Policy

Our Global activities

The Toshiba group have established a set of management principles that commit to raising the quality of life for people around the world whilst ensuring not to upset the delicate balance of nature.

These standards of conduct (SOC) create a basic guide for activities to operate under the "principles of fairness, integrity and transparency".

Sub categories of SOC cover areas of concern from human rights and customer satisfaction to procurement and the environment.

On the topic of diversity, Toshiba has set its sights with both a global and local policy to balance the number of women in Management positions within the company.



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