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toshiba sustainability supply chain

Thinking Global, acting local

As a manufacturing company, Toshiba is in a strong position to enhance overall sustainability by reducing environmental impacts throughout its product life-cycles.

With green procurement of environmentally compatible materials and parts, energy conservation and abolition of certain chemical substances, we systematically improve the ecological balance of our products.

In addition, we consistently apply the 3Rs of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle – wherever possible in our operations. As a result, we are able to deliver recognised Earth Charter Principles (ECPs) and associated Sustainable Development Goals on a global scale.

Circular Supply Chain

We are committed to developing highly functional products that have reduced environmental impact, which we are able to achieve through our circular supply chain. This includes complying with all laws, regulations and practices established by industry and international organisations.

If it moves, it is recycled. Cardboard, soft and hard plastics, wood, toner cartridges, e-waste, and even polystyrene are processed ready for collection.

By recycling its e–waste with TechCollect, Toshiba Australia saved 6,872GJ of power. This is equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of 50 Australian households**

ANZRP TechCollect Toshiba Report 2020

The heart of our Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island picked and packed goods process, is our Sydney based National Distribution Centre (NDC). From inception to the final product, the NDC was designed to have minimal environmental impact through its focus on self-sufficiency. Our state of the art NDC is a 5 Green Star rated building by the Green Building Association of Australia in 2015.  

We are driven by sustainability. From the bicycle racks outside to encourage cycling over driving, to the solar panels installed onto our roof to supply up to 25% of the buildings needs and our pre-loved products which are stripped and broken down ready for recycling by TechCollect. We are ensuring that we leave a positive mark on the environment.

Unfortunately, the world's resources are finite and as we strive to protect the environment for future generations, we commit to making changes today that pave the way for a brighter future tomorrow by ensuring all of our products comply to the highest environmental standards.

All of our products comply with the international and local environmental standards, with certifications in various overseas markets for:

Supply Chain

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