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New Productivity
  • Easily send print jobs to the cloud
  • Authenticate using the most up-to-date security protocols
  • Safely retrieve documents as needed
  • Access valuable productivity and cost-saving analytics
  • Remove the challenges of network-based models
  • Attain more with simplicity and security
  • Hosted in Australian Data Centres

While some individuals work from an office, others prefer the efficiency of their homes, and many remain constantly on the move. As work increasingly spans multiple locations, having a printing solution that unifies teams becomes imperative. With e-BRIDGE Global Print, this need is met effortlessly, ensuring secure printing from any location and enhancing productivity for all, regardless of their workspace.

Submit print jobs to cloud

Effortlessly send print jobs to the cloud from any location and securely retrieve them using Toshiba MFDs connected to the cloud.

Remote workers


Authenticate with the latest security standards

Safeguard your documents by logging in with your Google Workspace™ or Microsoft 365® accounts to authenticate jobs and facilitate fast, secure printing.



Get insights into printing and device trends

Conveniently monitor and review real-time printing activities through access to MFD usage reports, offering insights into productivity, savings, and other metrics.



Print on demand 

Effortlessly access your Toshiba MFD by using an ID card or PIN to conveniently and securely release print jobs.

Print on demand


Eliminate network-based printing concerns & on premise print server infrastructure

Cloud printing eliminates the need for IT to oversee print drivers and on-premises print servers, allowing them to allocate their attention to more critical tasks.

network concerns


Achieve simplicity, security & productivity

Our comprehensive authentication ensures the security of your data, enabling you to concentrate on your tasks without concern for potential breaches during printing



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