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  • Reduce print waste by only printing what you ultimately require
  • Provides security without leaving documents in the output tray
  • Eliminates print servers and reduces maintenance costs

Toshiba's Multi-Station Print solution delivers many features and benefits. Conveniently print from any MFD, and change print settings and print again.

The Challenges

Managing high-priority print jobs and critical imaging tasks during peak hours within a bustling office environment poses a significant challenge. Additionally, investing in and constructing a new system stands out as a prominent obstacle.


The Toshiba Solution

The Toshiba e-Bridge Next MFD is ready to support the 'Multi Station Print' option, allowing convenient printing from any MFD without the need for a dedicated server. With this capability, printing from up to 50 MFDs across different locations, including various floors within the same network, becomes feasible. Users can securely authenticate and print documents from any unoccupied device by simply tapping their card over the reader or entering a PIN code.


Your Benefits

The Multi Station Print feature offers a serverless printing solution, enabling swift printing from any of the 50 accessible MFDs without waiting for a specific MFD to become available. Collaborating with user authentication, this feature prevents automatic printing and allows users to adjust print settings on the control panel, reducing print waste.

It ensures document security by preventing them from being left in the output bin. Reprinting is possible directly from the control panel without the need to resend the job. Moreover, this feature eliminates the necessity for a dedicated server.

Furthermore, it simplifies MFD installation, enabling effortless cloning of user information and an address book from one MFD to others. This facilitates efficient sharing and management of multiple MFDs within the office.



How to use Multi-Station Print

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