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New Productivity
  • Cloud-native, fully embedded print management
  • End to End security with “zero trust” approach
  • Print from any device to any printer in seconds
  • No more management of print drivers
  • Convenient print release options including touch free
  • Simple and quick on-boarding for users and guests
  • Business insights and reporting 
  • Direct scan to and print from your favourite cloud application

PaperCut Hive, with its serverless printing, makes printing simple  again. Users print from any device to a single print queue and securely release their print job using their mobile phone or the MFP/MFD’s touchscreen. Simple.

Plug in Toshiba Apps

Supercharge your scanning with Toshiba embedded applications with single sign-on, direct scan and print and many more advanced
features to connect your hard copy documents to your favourite cloud storage.

Administration made Easy

Hive’s ground up development takes a fresh look at Admin with its outcomes based approach and highly intuitive interface, its never been easier
In fact from the one console even print device management is possible with dynamic links to their configuration pages.

Do more with add-ons

PaperCut Hive provides easy integrations with other services that already support your organisation, such as Power BI, to turn data into actionable insights.


PaperCut Hive’s self-healing edge mesh will keep you printing, no matter what.


Print quickly from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices to any printer brand, without setting up printer drivers.


PaperCut Hive has security features built in to keep documents private and on-site, helping to protect data before, during, and after printing. Keep printing activity above board and under budget with authentication at the MFD. Choose when and where users can print, copy, and scan. Securely collect jobs at the MFP/MFD using a phone, ID card or the MFD touchscreen. 

Innovative Edge Mesh and IoT tech keeps documents in the local network. 

Bring back document ownership. Promote responsible document handling by applying a username watermark or a digital signature.


PaperCut Hive boasts eco-friendly policies perfect for businesses wanting to reduce their environmental impact. Responsible reminders give users a friendly nudge to print 2-sided or black & white with timely in-touchscreen prompts. 

Up to 12% of print jobs are uncollected. Keep track of users’ printing to identify opportunities to reduce waste. With Secure Print Release it stops overflowing recycling bins.

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Add Ons

Co-working Billing Statement Generator

Streamline your members billing. This add-on will calculate each member's printing cost, ready for you to import to your billing system of choice.

Desktop App deployment with Microsoft Intune

Leverage your existing Microsoft Intune infrastructure to quickly deploy desktop app to end users.

This is ideal for organizations that use Microsoft Intune software to streamline application installations. 

Microsoft Azure AD User Sync

Save time and administrator overhead by managing and provisioning your users all from you organisation's Azure AD portal. 

You can automatically invite/sync all users or a selected group of users. After the initial set up, everything is fully automated.

Power BI Connector

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. This add-on provides a secure connection to your print data to allow you to create reports and dashboards easily. 

If you are looking for pre-built dashboards, check out the Microsoft Power BI Advanced Dashboards add-on.

Print BI using Google

Print BI using Google enables you to visualize your PaperCut Hive data and unlock powerful insights through easy-to-read dashboards. Effortlessly create custom interfaces that converts your data within PaperCut Hive into useful business intelligence. 

Share insights and gain useful information to empower your organisation.


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