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How many times a day do you check your email? Three? Six? Twenty? 

You might think this is an optimal way to communicate quickly with clients and colleagues, but all that email checking is robbing you of your productivity.

It’s time to get your productivity back on track, and stop letting email dictate your daily actions and suck up your valuable time. 

Improve your productivity - here’s how:

Check email only at specific times: Try to check your email no more than three times during the work day. Once in the morning, again at midday, and a final time before leaving the office.

Set realistic expectations: Let your clients and colleagues know not to expect immediate responses via email. If they need you right away, it’s faster and more efficient to just pick up the phone.

Turn off inbox alerts: All these do is interrupt your day and your productivity every five minutes. Change your email settings so you’re not tempted to check every email the moment it comes through. 

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