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If you’re only using your MFD to print flyers, copy reports, and occasionally scan a document, you’re not getting the most out of your office equipment.

MFDs are often underutilised in offices that primarily use them for printing and copying. But these multi-tasking devises are highly versatile and offer many benefits outside of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Here are some ways you should consider incorporating your MFD into your business processes:

Automate Paper Workflows

By simply connecting your MFD to a business application, you can scan paper documents on your MFD and quickly move them to a business process. You may route the scan directly to a document management system, or email it directly to a client. This allows you to automate your processes for converting paper documents to electronic workflows.

Maximise Faxing

Fax files directly to desktops on your network to improve productivity and enhance your ability to collaborate with colleagues on office projects

App It Up

Some MFDs now come equipped with cloud connectivity and app capabilities, allowing you to do all sorts of things. Connect to your Google account or upload a file to your CMS by using simple, user-friendly apps at the MFD.

Incorporate Vertical-Specific Solutions

Many MFDs allow users to customize and enhance their devices for their specific industry. Solutions for education, healthcare, legal, government offices, and many more are available, and help to enhance security safeguards while controlling costs. For example, advanced education software allows teachers to print bubble sheet tests on demand and grade the exams in minutes. And highly secure healthcare software allows doctors to print prescriptions with anti-copy and anti-counterfeit features. 

Few businesses have taken the necessary steps to ensure that their multifunction devices are optimised to work within their specific print environment. But, your MFD is more than a copier and printer. Contact us today and learn how you can maximise its functions and streamline your business processes.
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