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Toshiba Kodo Cloud Fax Service

Toshiba (Australia) PTY Limited is delighted to announce the release of its new cloud-based fax solution, Kodo Cloud Fax.

Kodo Cloud Fax is fully integrated with Toshiba e-STUDIO Multi-Function Printers and eliminates the need for a fax machine, as incoming faxes are received via email.

“Whilst many of us may look at faxing as outdated today, a number of industries (such as medical, legal & healthcare) still rely on faxing as a secure and guaranteed method to quickly transfer important data” says Josh Martin, Toshiba's Solutions Product Manager.

“Whether it’s the instant acknowledgement of receipt, or the near-impossibility to intercept or hack, fax still has a number of benefits that email simply can’t match. Kodo Cloud Fax combines the existing reliability and security of fax with the speed of the internet, and brings them into the digital age without the cost of traditional fax infrastructure.” he added.

For large businesses with multiple sites, it is a cost effective way to consolidate and simplify the management of fax in their organisation.

"Toshiba has taken the tried and proven Fax concept and modernised it. Made it cheaper, easier to use whilst maintaining your businesses compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. We’ve implemented it throughout Toshiba, and the savings are enormous. Do yourself a favour, and ask how you too can reap the same reward.” adds Vince Brozak, National Manager - Toshiba Managed Services.

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