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Toshiba Document MangagementFinding effective solutions for managing business data is one of the biggest obstacles businesses encounter in reducing costs, improving service, increasing productivity, and meeting regulatory requirements.

We have recently seen some smart companies creating quick wins by implementing the following practices.

1. Consistent naming conventions

Provide a template with pre-defined and customisable document names that employees can quickly select and use consistently on the fly.

2. Proper User Access and Permissions

The amount of confidential data companies collect and store is ever increasing now more than ever. Document Management solutions can restrict user access via defined users and permission controls to keep such data safe and secure.

3. Retention policy

Each industry has different regulations for document retention and compliance when implementing document policies.

With Document Management software you can create simple business rules to address and comply as required.

4. The Power of Metadata

Metadata is information attached to a document to make it easier to find and retrieve when needed. There is less reliance on file name, as more aspects of the document are captured making search ability fast and efficient.

To discover more best practices and discuss your needs, contact Toshiba to speak with a Document Management Specialist.

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