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Business data is growing at an incredible rate

by Ross Egerton, Managed Services Specialist, Toshiba Australia 

Estimations today are that the world's entire digital universe has grown to a total size of 44 zettabytes[1]. That's 440,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes or around 40 times more stars than there are in our whole observable universe!

Research by StorageCraft found that 86% of IT decision-makers believe their data volumes will increase tenfold in the next five years. International Data Corporation (IDC) suggests 80% of all this data will be unstructured[2].  Meaning, as the information comes into an organisation, there's no method to organise the data as it comes through the door—kind of like a public library with new books stacked to the shelves without using a catalogue system.

Paper Pile

What small but significant way can we improve on this in our daily work lives?

For example, we take a bunch of work documents and slam them through the office copier and scanned them to email.  What happens then?  Do we save them to our network drive, save them to our desktop, upload them into a system, keep them for safety sake in our email Inbox? 

Toshiba's e-Bridge Next generation of multi-function copiers and printers have potent options to embed and apply your data-models before adding scanned documents. Add 'work-flows' to injected extracted data into your business systems and automatically 'push' scanned documents into preferred storage systems.

Toshiba can help protect critical documents and return your staff to their valued functions (not filing scanned documents). Should we be happy with that?

To just 'put' them away?  Tucked away and forgotten about, until one day, your boss informs you the business needs one random scanned page as it contains a couple of lines of evidence.

This evidence will save the company from an unexpected catastrophe. No pressure there!

In a digital world, paper documents still exist because they provide us with many practical benefits.

Of course, we know physically storing paper documents is just such so 20th century, such a waste of office rental, let alone a fire hazard. 

So why allow your mission-critical documents to be electronically stored and lost in the mountains of unstructured data? 

Choose Toshiba to melt away more than the tip of your unstructured-data iceberg. 


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