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Managed IT services can encompass everything from preventive monitoring and disaster recovery, to remote network management and cloud computing and much more. All of these components present incredible value to businesses, but many companies hesitate to add IT services out of concern over cost justification. However, research suggests that integrating Managed IT can present substantial financial benefits for your business in a relatively short period of time.

Consider the following financial benefits of incorporating Managed IT services into your current business model: 

Return on Investment (ROI)

When it comes to implementing new company initiatives, the clear, deciding factor for management is ROI. An IBM white paper titled, Business Value of Managed Services, found that companies utilising managed services incurred a three-year ROI of 224 percent with a payback period of just 22 weeks. In addition to all of the benefits a Managed IT plan can bring to your business, consider how such a strong return would positively affect your company in less than six months. 

Optimise Existing Resources

Conversely, according to the IBM study, incorporating Managed IT services frees up your IT team to tackle other jobs

Many companies have at least one in-house IT employee or a partial IT team in place. Unfortunately, these employees tend to use their time repairing individual users computers or diagnosing and fixing connectivity issues, instead of spending time on critical, business-building projects. If your IT team continually gets pulled off task to put out fires, you are losing money. Conversely, according to the IBM study, incorporating Managed IT services frees up your IT team to tackle other jobs, maximising potential in their current roles by 42 percent.

Increase Employee Productivity

The functionality of the tools your employees use to get their jobs done can have an enormous impact on your team's productivity. When your IT needs from hardware to software to storage  are consistently monitored by a Managed IT provider and working at maximum efficiency, your employees can use these tools to amplify productivity. According to the IBM study, application downtime is reduced by 88 percent with Managed IT services, keeping your team on task. Ultimately, increased productivity directly correlates with an increase in company revenue.

Incorporating Managed IT into your business isn't about taking a leap of faith. It's a calculated decision that will produce a strong return on investment, a fortified IT team, and an increase in productivity across your entire staff.

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