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No matter the size of your company, you have confidential data and intellectual property to protect. And between ever-growing government regulations and compliance requirements, many industries find themselves with rigorous mandates to meet. As an organisation and employer, it’s your responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee details secure. From employees’ personal details to customers’ valuable data to your own intellectual property, your company transmits and prints an enormous amount of sensitive information that would be extremely valuable to identity thieves and competitors. The costs of a breach add up quickly across detection, notification and remediation. And the toll of lost business and brand reputation can be devastating to your organisation. Remember, no company of any size or industry is immune.

Don't overlook your MFP

As one of the most shared resources in your organisation, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the security of your multifunction printers (MFPs). As they store and transmit business-critical information, customer records, employee files and more, this centrally located and networked resource is continuously accessed by people inside and outside your organisation. That means every sensitive document you print, copy, scan and transmit could be vulnerable to an attack.

Don’t let your device become compromised

From data on hard drives to unauthorised access to unsecured transmissions to or from the device, there are several points of vulnerability in your print and document environment that need protecting. For instance, networked printers can become hacker gateways making unencrypted data easily accessible. From there, sensitive information can be digitally shared with unknown sources and become physically available to anyone. It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re protected at every level.

A holistic approach to security 

To best tackle your security vulnerabilities, Toshiba takes a unique, comprehensive approach to safeguard your print and document environments. We look at security in your environment across three areas: product, process and people. The most important component is indeed product security because that is the hub of all your data and human interactions. Once the device is secured, we focus on understanding the processes and people who interact with the device. This allows us to advise you on not just the equipment, but also on the best security methodologies to put in place in your organisation. This powerful combination ensures an end-to-end security strategy for your print environment.

Product security

Starting at the product level, we deliver an in-depth defence across four areas:
  • Install to end-of-life device security
  • Physical and digital access protection
  • Document lifecycle defence
  • Fleet-wide security administration

Device security

All devices have a definitive lifecycle, from installation to operation to end-of-life. At Toshiba, we want to ensure their protection is as easy as possible across the entire life of the device. For example, upon installation, we follow strict password rules that make it compliant with the most rigorous IoT laws. Our High Security Mode allows you to automatically set over 70 configurable features to the highest security level; therefore, ensuring high security has never been easier. After setup, we protect your day-to-day operations with tamper-proof layers of software and hardware. We restrict and verify the applications, firmware and operating system so your software is continuously secure. We also protect the hardware by securing the BIOS and utilising a self-encrypting hard drive with proprietary wipe technology. Lastly, Toshiba’s well documented end-of-life policy ensures our MFPs go through a formal data-wipe process, so no data remains on the device when it leaves your facility.

Access security

The secret to access security is making sure the right people have access to the right data as well as the right device capabilities. Toshiba achieves this by restricting, managing and monitoring access. Our multi-factor authentication along with roles based access control features ensure that only authorised individuals or sites can access the device physically or digitally; you can even limit access at the feature-level so your security policies can be very granular and customised. Along with restrictions comes the task of managing those boundaries. Toshiba makes it easy with authorisations that can be managed from a centralised active directory so you can apply consistent role-based security rules across the board. And lastly, we offer comprehensive monitoring through steps such as activity logs, real-time notifications and shareable alerts.

Document security

The idea of a lifecycle not only applies to the MFP, but also to the sensitive documents it handles. At Toshiba, proper document security starts with the capture phase where we employ built-in security for all input sources, including computer, email, web/cloud and USB on the MFP. Once the documents are in the device, we ensure that documents are safely stored in the hard drive with multilevel encryption and protected policies. To guarantee a secure release from your devices, you have multiple methods to take into consideration. Printing, copying, scanning and faxing each have their own security risks, and Toshiba has many tools, restrictions, verifications and more to ensure you and your company are covered no matter the output method.

Printer fleet security

Whether you are an SMB with two devices, or an enterprise with hundreds, security is an important consideration, and we know you want to be able to set, apply and manage security policies with ease and consistency across your organisation. Our e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (eCC) manages your fleet security concerns with a cloud-based application that supports the centralised and remote monitoring and management of security policies on all Toshiba MFPs. With eCC you gain visibility, accountability and peace of mind.

To learn more about Toshiba Security for MFPs, contact us to start the conversation with a specialist.
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