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Owning a business requires careful planning and budgeting. It is crucial to consider both when making business decisions. Printing costs can be easily overlooked. It is difficult to take the necessary precautions to reduce these costs when unfamiliar with the process.

It is possible, but you may be unaware of the methods available to optimise your print environment.

This article discusses five ways your business can optimise its print environment while reducing costs. By the end of this article, your company will have useful tips to improve your print infrastructure, activity, and costs.

Best Ways To Optimise Your Printer Environment:

1. Examine and Update Your Printer Environment

A good way to optimise your print environment is to assess the print equipment your company uses thoroughly.

Analyse each device to understand better where your money is going.

Determine which devices are outdated.

Consider upgrading these devices for improved efficiency.

Your company can work with a managed print provider to conduct a print assessment of your network.

2. Examine the Price of Your Print Consumables

Remember that the more outdated the device, the more expensive the print consumables are required. Owning print devices with operating costs five times higher than necessary is common.
When you evaluate your print devices, you can calculate how much you spend on consumables each month.

You can then choose to use lower-cost print consumables or, better still, collaborate with a managed print provider. They can accurately calculate the number of print consumables needed for each device and incorporate it into a monthly payment plan.

This will provide an efficient and cost-effective approach to printing, as the managed print provider will be able to monitor and adjust the number of consumables ordered regularly.

Additionally, this approach allows for the total cost of printing to be spread out over a period of time, making it easier to manage and budget for.

3. Use Print Software To Make Reports

These monthly reports can track the number of prints per device, employee, or throughout the entire organisation. The right print software can provide detailed information about when and how much your employees print.

Reports provide businesses with peace of mind regarding the amount of printing done and the associated costs.

Understanding how much each printing device costs to lease in monthly payments can help track your expenses over time.

4. Implement Eco-Friendly Printing Methods

Enforcing eco-friendly printing practices in your company benefits more than just the environment. Moreover, it is a low-cost method of holding your employees accountable for the print jobs they complete.

  • Printing practices integration can help eliminate wasteful printing and reduce print costs. The following are a few eco-friendly printing practices to use:
  • Examine documents carefully before printing to ensure the need for a hard copy.
  • To print fewer pages, enable double-sided printing in the printer settings.
  • Instead of printing copies, share documents digitally.
  • Print in black and white when colour is not required for the print job.

5. Right-Size Your Print Fleet

"Right-sizing" your printing devices entails placing the appropriate machines in the right locations. This process can be as simple as moving devices to optimal locations within your office. Sometimes it means coming up with more efficient solutions.

For example, suppose you have a high-end, multifunction colour printer currently used only for basic print jobs. Replace it with a simpler—and less expensive device. Otherwise, you are paying for something that you do not require.

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