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Kodo classroom

When a student completes an exam paper, or any piece of assessed work, the school needs to be able to accurately store the results.

Ensuring that paper-based tests are correctly aligned to the right student record can cause a headache for schools: what if the student’s details are illegible? How do you make sure you have all of a multiple page test? As we wrote about in our previous article, Toshiba’s Kōdo Classroom is the antidote to that headache – it’s a smart, time-saving solution to help schools ensure that student results are stored with 100% accuracy.

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How do you know if Kōdo Classroom is right for your school?

By trying it out in your own environment. Toshiba is now offering schools a free 60-day trial of Kōdo Classroom, complete with installation, training and support services. All we ask in return is some feedback. At the end of the trial, you can choose to return the software or pay a one-off fee to keep it.

Who’s it for?

Kōdo Classroom is suitable for all schools whose students complete written tests, exams or assignments. Primary and secondary schools, in the public or private sector can all benefit from the solution.

There are just two pre-requisites:

  1. You have a compatible Toshiba MFD
  2. You have an active subscription to either Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams for Education

What’s included?

The trial includes:

  • 60 days free licence for Kōdo Classroom
  • Installation – carried out remotely by Toshiba engineers
  • Training – how to set up and print the test/exam papers, and how to scan in the completed and marked pages
  • Support – telephone based help-desk support throughout the trial period

What happens at the end of the trial?

Once the trial finishes, the decision is yours. You can keep the software, in return for a one-off perpetual licence fee on one or more of your MFDs. Or we can uninstall it.

We’ll also ask you to complete some feedback on your experience of using Kōdo Classroom.

How do I access my free trial?

Simply visit our contact us page, where you can enter your school contact details and we'll get in touch to set up the software and start your trial. Easy as that!

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