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Toshiba devices available via the Queensland Government Panel (PIaaS)

PIAAS toshibaWhen schools in Queensland want to purchase print and imaging technology, they turn to the PIaaS Standing Offer Arrangement (often called a ‘panel’) – a group of vendors pre- selected by the State Government because they meet stringent price, quality and environmental compliance standards. 

Buying through the panel gives schools access to the most competitive pricing, and the knowledge that they’re buying from vendors who have already been vetted and approved by the Government’s own procurement team.

In February 2024, Toshiba became one of the four selected vendors on the panel. That’s great news for the hundreds of schools who love and rely on Toshiba devices, but previously had to purchase outside of the panel arrangement. You can now purchase your preferred MFDs with all the protection and advantages of the PIaaS contract.

What does PIaaS offer Queensland schools?

  • An all-inclusive cost per copy, with no minimum monthly volume commitments
  • Scaling from 1 device to a large scale whole-of-organisation managed service
  • Printing to A4 / A3 treated as a single copy 
  • Detailed account usage and simplified consolidated billing
  • Flexibility for equipment changes - up-scaling or down-scaling 
  • Single contract for increased efficiency 
  • Buy-back of existing print devices
  • No need to insure devices or maintain asset registers 

How do I purchase from Toshiba under PIaaS?

  1. You complete a Discovery Assessment Request (DAR), describing what you have now and what you want from your new equipment or service.
  2. Toshiba carries out a site audit (we will respond to book this within 24 hours of receiving your DAR)
  3. Toshiba provides a quote (called a Customer Requirements Report, or CRR) which includes:
    • Your current equipment, volumes and costs
    • New equipment proposed, with projected volumes and costs
    • Installation processes and timelines
    • Pricing workbook – every vendor under PIaaS uses the same format, to make it easy for you to compare.
  4. We manage contracts with the Queensland Government, plan the transition and have you up and running in 2-3 weeks.

No longer just ‘as-a-Service’

Despite its name, the PIaaS panel has also been expanded, so that it now includes outright purchase of MFDs. Again, great news for schools who have available capital expenditure and want to purchase, rather than lease their devices, but still have the benefits of buying under PIaaS.

Where can I get more information?

Contact us to talk to Toshiba. Get the PIaaS Buyers’ Guide here.

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