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Important Notification

If your web browser is not TLS 1.2 enabled (see TLSv1.2 Browser Compatibility - Westpac wiki page), you will not be able to connect to the Toshiba/Westpac payment page from 9th October 2017. The resulting page will look as if there is no internet connection.

Westpac have a "Browser Check Page" ( which you may use as reference.

  • When accessing the page with a TLS 1.2 enabled browser, a success message appears.
  • When accessing the page with an unsupported TLS1.2 browser, the "Browser Check Page" detects which browser is being used and shows steps to rectify.

If your browser is TLS1.2 enabled, please proceed to the payment pages by clicking on the payment button below. You will be redirected to the Toshiba/Westpac website.

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