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When troubleshooting a scan to email issue, an error code such as 2503 can be treated as an SMTP error 5.0.3. 

If the error code as a letter such as 2C14, the error is generated by the MFD and is usually displayed before the email has been sent.

SMTP Error Codes (MFD has successfully contacted the Mail server and the Mail server has returned an error code)

Error Code



HOST NAME error: Destination mail address error


HOST NAME error: Syntax error in parameters or arguments

In TopAccess:

Confirm that SMTP client is configured with a valid username and password.

Confirm that TCP/IP Host name matches the DDNS host name


Destination mail address error


HOST NAME error : Command parameter not implemented

In TopAccess:

Confirm that host name in DDNS is correct


Destination mail address error

This is a general error and the reason can vary. Some reasons are:

-       Authentication may be required. Enter authentication details or setup a relay on your Mail server

-       Authenticated user doesn’t have permission to send on behalf of the from address

-       Mail server rejects emails that have come from an IP address is used in the “helo” string


Destination mail address error

SMTP authentication is required


Terminal/Destination mail address error

The email message exceeds the maximum size permitted. Change the setting on the mail server or try scanning at a lower resolution.


Destination mail address error

Confirm the email address is correct.

Confirm the authentication settings are correct, or configure authentication

MFD Scan to Email error codes

Error Code



Invalid address

Confirm the email address is correct. Try adding it to the address book first and then select it when scanning.


Server Timeout Error.

Confirm DNS settings are correct and the DNS function is working correctly.


Can’t connect to SMTP server
Can't establish an SMTP connection with the entered address

Confirm the Mail server settings are correct. If using the name of a mail server, ensure DNS settings have been configured through TopAccess.

Confirm the Port setting is correct.


Failed SMTP Authentication

Confirm the username and password configured for authentication is correct.

Confirm the account used for authentication can send on behalf of the configured from address.]


System Access Abnormality

This can be caused by an incorrect network configuration ­– specifically the MTU.

For further information, please contact your local Toshiba Dealer.

Scan to email is configured through TopAccess

To configure scan to email you will need to know the settings for your Mail server such as:

  • IP address
  • Port
  • The email address that emails will be sent from
  • Credentials (username and password) to send using the email address if authentication is required

The address book can be modified from TopAccess using a computer or from walk up.

Managing the Address Book from TopAccess:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Type the IP address of the MFD in the URL bar
  3. Click on ‘Registration’
  4. Click on ‘Address Book’
  5. Click ‘Add Address’ to create an entry or click on the text of an existing entry to modify it.

Managing the Address Book from Walkup:

  1. Press ‘User Functions’
  2. Press ‘Address’

To add an address:

  1. Press on a blank space to highlight it
  2. Press ‘Entry’
  3. Press on a section to enter data. Minimum information is ‘First name’ and ‘email’ or ‘fax’ or both
  4. Press ‘Ok’

To Edit an address:

Select the address and press ‘edit’

The process may vary slightly based on the model of MFD

There are several ways to monitor the MFD status. Listed below are some ways this can be done.

TopAccess Device screen

When navigating to TopAccess the Device information is displayed. If authentication is turned on, this is displayed after logging in.

This page gives a snapshot of the device, such as:
  • Network information (Serial Number, MAC address, Model etc)
  • Installed options (Finisher, Hole punch, Fax)
  • Toner Levels
  • Drawer configuration and remaining paper levels

Any messages, such as Toner low, waste toner cartridge needs replacing, paper empty will be displayed on this screen.

Email Notifications

Notifications can be configured for certain events, such as:
  • Drawer out of paper
  • Door/drawer open
  • Waste toner container full
  • Toner Empty
  • Paper Jam
  • Received Fax
 For this function to work, the "Scan to email" function must be setup and working. Instructions on setting this up can be found here.
To setup Email notifications
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Type the IP address of the MFD in the URL bar
  3. Click on 'Administration'
  4. Enter the username and password (Admin / 123456)
  5. Click on 'Maintenance'
  6. Click on ' Notification'
  7. Under Email Setting, select the check box next to "Notify Administrator at Email Address 1" and enter the email address
  8. Select the items to receive notifications for
  9. Click Save
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