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About FMAudit

What is FMAudit?

FMAudit is real time monitoring software that reports MFD and printer information to Toshiba. This information is used to provide accurate billing and consumable usage. If you are using FMAudit, Toshiba will know when you are running low on toner and ship some to your location, so your device will always have toner.

Brochure for FMAudit

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FMAudit Whitepaper 

What are the benefits of using FMAudit?

If your organisation is being provided with toner as part of your contract, using FMAudit will alert Toshiba when your device is running low on toner or other consumables. When an alert is received, more toner is shipped to the devices' location.

The billing process is based around the counter which indicates the total usage of the device. To be billed correctly, Toshiba need to know what the current meter readings are. If your device is monitored by FMAudit, the meters for your devices are collected. 

Is it hard to Install FMAudit?

No. Most installations take less than 10 minutes. It requires downloading a customised installer for your organisation and then running through the install process. Assistance is available if its required.

What information is being sent to Toshiba?

Information is gathered from the device using SNMP. This data is sent back to a server managed by Toshiba. Information such as current meters, toner levels, serial number and the date and time are sent back to Toshiba's FMAudit central server.

What ports does it use?

From the device to the local FMAudit installation,

SNMP (Port 161)

HTTP (Port 80)

HTTPS (Port 443)

From the FMAudit Installation to the Toshiba Central Server

HTTP (Port 80) or HTTPS (443)

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