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Toshiba's software will help you save money, better manage documents and secure critical information.

Our specialists will assess how documents are used in your organisation and develop long-term improvement strategies for you, incorporating software that helps you capture, manage, deliver and secure your documents.

    • Reduces the risk of client data breaches 
    • Automates the secure capture and redaction of client documents 
    • Quickly and easily demonstrate compliance via inbuilt file log
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  • Kodo SmartStore
    • Digitise your Document Management process
    • Easy document importing via a number of methods
    • Provide the mobility to access documents anywhere in the business
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  • Kodo Accounts Assistant
    Image of Kodo Accounts Assistant
    • Streamline capturing and processing invoice data
    • Export directly to your Finance Application
    • Get real-time Accounts Payable data via Toshiba Accounts Dashboard
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  • Kodo Accounts Automate
    Image of Kodo Accounts Automate
    • Automate your invoice data capture via advanced OCR 
    • Digitise the end-to-end processing of AP documents
    • Approve invoice payments quickly through simple workflows
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  • ABBYY FlexiCapture
    • Automate business processes and data extraction
    • Intelligent auto-learning can handle any document type
    • Capture barcodes, handwriting, printed text and marks from forms
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  • e-BRIDGE Capture & Store
    Image of e-BRIDGE Capture & Store
    • Capture, analyse and process information in emails, faxes and scanned documents
    • Extract text, marks and barcodes, convert to searchable formats and distribute
    • Create dynamic workflows integrated to document systems and corporate file servers
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  • ELO
    Management Productivity Workflow
    Image of ELO
    • Document and records management, collaboration, and workflow, all from one platform
    • Highly-scalable, from a single user to large enterprises
    • Integrate with your ERP, CRM, desktop office and email applications

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  • e-BRIDGE Connectors
    • Easy to use with its wizard-driven user interface
    • Integrated security authenticates users directly from the MFD
    • Preview the scanned document before storing

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  • Kodo Cloud Fax
    • Send faxes directly from the panel of your Toshiba multi-function device.
    • Consolidate multiple fax lines into one, simple, cloud-based service
    • Create dynamic workflows integrated to document systems and corporate file servers
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  • e-BRIDGE Print & Capture
    • Process documents via your mobile device with this free app
    • Auto discover e-STUDIO MFDs on your network or select your MFD by scanning the displayed QR code
    • Integrates with Toshiba OCR software to convert scanned images
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