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  • Cashless and transaction management solutions
  • Stop resource wastage and recover costs
  • Manage assets effectively, increase security and convenience

Monitor offers a range of solutions for creating cashless environments and implementing transaction management in schools, libraries, hospitals and public areas.  Recover costs and take control of the usage of a wide range of resources and assets.

NO cash, no problem

Create cashless environments for schools, libraries and higher education establishments, where payment transactions for resources (such as internet access, parking vending and print/copy costs) can be assigned to ID cards. Staff no longer have to handle and reconcile cash, improving security.

Recover more costs

Improve the ROI on your assets by recovering costs for their usage.  Use Monitor as a booking system for shared resources which can then be billed back to the user at the end of the period.  Or use Monitor's extensive activity tracking to increase billing for disbursements for clients.

Eliminate waste

Track and report costs for line-of-business resources, such as print/copy/fax/scan, phone charges as well as incidentals such as couriers and postage.  Staff may access a resource via their ID or PIN and all activity is tracked and allocated to the correct department, project of client code.


Internet Information Services (IIS), Supervisor Net version 7.4.8, 1 x TOS (Toshiba Embedded) Supervisor Net connection license is required per Toshiba device
Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 7 or later Microsoft Server 2003 or later
Recommended Hardware
Dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 100GB hard drive
Monitor Embedded for Toshiba Monitor Embedded is an intuitive application that runs on Toshiba Multi-Function Devices (MFDs). It is comprised of two user interfaces: the Monitor Embedded Administrator web interface, where the application's configuration is performed; and the end-user interface that is displayed on the Toshiba device's touchscreen, providing users with secure access to the device's functions. The Monitor Embedded application is installed once on a Windows server, then each device is configured to display the application on its touchscreen via HTTP protocol, therefore upgrades are a single installation on the server, after which the devices will automatically run the new version.

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